Knock, knock. Inspiration is here.

An idea or goal is driven by a single impulse and that is to manifest. We are allowed to say no, but should only allow ourselves to say no because it comes knocking on the wrong door. If we say yes, we can’t expect to predict the length of the ‘project’ or the outcome. More than likely we will spend some time suffering in the phase of allowing that idea or goal to come to light. The key is to learn to operate differently, humbly, joyfully, and to take the advantage of the inspiration.

What does that mean for you?

  • Drinking less.

  • Working out more.

  • Eating healthier.

  • Nurturing better relationships.

  • Reading more.

  • Limiting TV time.

  • Telling more people you love them.

  • Saying no more often.

  • Go to bed earlier.

It’s through this creative process that we need to learn to battle our demons instead of battling our gifts. The outcome of our goals or projects and the worth of our being are not measured by failures or successes but by the dedication to our destiny, genius and path.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this divine happening called big magic. In her book, she explains that an idea or goal can grow tired of waiting and can move on to somebody else door steo. I mean it only makes sense if inspiration and creativity are allowed to unexpectedly enter your mind it is also allowed to leave at it's leisure.

Have you ever had an idea but then somebody else thought of it and ran with it?

Have you ever had a goal and then a year and a half is past me look back and wonder where you could be now if you would’ve just followed through with it?

Those ideas and goals left you because you didn’t deliver. And maybe you didn’t deliver because it was not meant for you but so often people use that as an excuse to not go through with all the are capable of.

The bottom line is that inspiration will not always be knocking at your door. It’s allowed to do whatever it wants and does not need justify it’s timing or willpower. All it wants isto be taken in, and nurtured and loved.

“All I know for certain is that this is how I want to spend my life — collaborating to the best of my ability with forces of inspiration that I can either see, or approve, nor command, nor understand.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

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