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hey friend

I'm Lex and this blog has been in the making for 7 years. Literally. The seedling of this idea sprouted when I was in college and I have tried oh-so-many times but never followed through with it.  Finally, I gave up on perfection and decided to pull the trigger. Why? The thought of never achieving what has been on my heart for so long, scared the heck out of me. I love a life fueled by passion and adventure. So I am doing the damn thing. 


I am the co-founder of Zenco Retreats (coming soon), ‘Harmony: The Unblemished Brand’ (coming soon), an aspiring writer, health and wellness advocate, travel enthusiast, and someone who wants to be remembered for her legacy of helping others beat the odds. 

My most cherishable memories are created when I am surrounded by family/friends, adventuring outdoors, traveling to experience new things, see new places, and learn about other cultures, but what fills my heart most is helping others through this thing we call life because let's be honest... IT IS NOT EASY. 

This space is here to give you a glimpse of a life that is not black or white but every shade of grey in between. I hope the words you find here help you because you are not alone, no matter what phase of life you are in.

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